Mobile Tower Radiation Blocking Curtains For Windows

2,571.45 1,890.00

Anti Radiation EMF & EMR 99% shielding solutions,

The prize is Per Square MTR  1999/=

  • New shielding Technology  FABRIC Curtains – 2 in 1 Solution: EMF Shielding And Blackout Effect – Tested in Germany   Laboratory*
  • Efficient Barrier Against Radio Frequencies from the Exterior – Works On Cell Phone Waves, 3G, 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth and Relay Antennas
  • Reduction of about 10dB on average within a range of 800MHz to 5200MHz*
  • Blackout Effect up to 100%* – Made in GERMANY   with the utmost care
  • One panel: 39.3701-Inch Wide by 43”-Inch Long – Rust Proof Grommets (1.6-inch inner diameter) – Dark Grey Color – Elegant stitching – Sold as Single Panel

About Curtains shielding solutions,


These are the  protective curtains which can block the heavy radiations coming from the windows of our home.

You can check the Demo Video on it available in the gallery section and see the way how it works in real-life.

The Prize is Rs.1999/= Per Mtr ( 39.371” X 43” )

Dimensions 259 × 129.54 cm


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